At the beginning of our journey, good people helped us to understand that it is very important to establish a visitor center - for the purpose of a source of income, and in order to spread our vision.

We went into an incubator of the ministry of tourism and from thinking, that maybe only one plant (the legendary Balsamon tree) would not be interesting enough, we started to collect some other plants.

At first, we collected the plants of the incense of the temple. Then biblical perfume plants, then medical desert plants, then other perfume and medical plants, and along the way we have become obsessed collector of plants. We now have a large collection of rare biblical perfume trees, probably the largest private collection in the Middle East.

Visitors to the center, are exposed to ancient agricultural corps, which revived with advanced agricultural technologies while protecting the environment and acting in sustainability.

Over the years, we have accumulated extensive knowledge when it comes to incense plants, perfume plants and medical plants, from the bible and from the desert. We learned a lot about ancient (and natural) cosmetics, about sustainable agriculture and about two or three other things. We also love to pass that knowledge on.

In addition, with a lot of love, we have built a magical garden where you can walk, smell the perfumes and meet fascinating and rare plants belonging to the cultural heritage of the Jewish people and others.

From love of people and nature, we decided to integrate in our visitor center, also educational values that are important to us: tolerance and acceptance of others, Zionism, leadership, environment and respect for nature, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and more.

We conduct guided tours (by appointment) as well as workshops and activities. The ancient desert scenery, together with our happy plants, are astonishing and inspiring.

In order to coordinate a tour, workshop or any other activity and for detailed information, you are welcome to contact Guy 052-4498200